London Sneak Peak

Spent the weekend in London and loved it! We arrived super late on Friday night (around 2:30am) and crashed immediately. But we were up for an early start – breakfast, showers, and out of the Hostel by 8:30am to start our adventure in London. We hit up a lot of must-see-stops on my list – thanks for the suggestions!

I’ll be back with more details when I have time (this whole homework and school thing is really cramping my style lately…haha). But for now here are some sneak peak pics from the weekend. Enjoy!


First stop of the day. We didn’t go in, just pictures from the outside, it was a few blocks from our Hostel and right along the Thames.


Tower of London! Soooo glad we went to this first. Inside, we saw the prison where Henry VIII kept his wives and also the Crown Jewels (no photography allowed), which was a definite highlight of the trip! Also, notice the contrast between the modern buildings in the background and the historical buildings – love seeing this in a big city (more on this later…I know I’m a dork…).


We mastered London public transit by the end of the day. So glad we got the day pass to ride the Underground and the buses for the entire day! We hit so many more places because we didn’t have to walk everywhere…now if we could only get reasonably priced public transit in Galway!


I just had to….


View of the Eye and the Thames River from behind the Parliament Building in this cute park we found.DSCN1794

Speaking of parks, we walked through a ton of them throughout the day. This picture is taken in St. Jame’s Park — but the Princess Diana Memorial Walk spans 7 miles in the many city parks in London. They were beautiful parks, but definitely not as clean or as green as the landscape in Galway. I loved that there were runners EVERYWHERE throughout the day—wish I could have packed my trainers!


My attempt at an artistic photo (loving the Toms!). This was at the Prime Meridian (or Greenwich Line). I have a better picture, so more on this later!

Travelling is a blast, but sure is exhausting! I have a ton more to share once I get back into my routine in Galway. I’m getting better at taking photos to remember my experiences, but not too many as to ruin the experience — it has only taken three big trips! haha. Better late than never.

I’m taking suggestions for a catchy blog title (Dad I’m looking at you), any ideas??


About ewittenberg

Senior biomedical engineering student at Purdue University studying abroad this semester at the National University of Ireland -- Galway.
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2 Responses to London Sneak Peak

  1. She She says:

    So glad you had fun … London is wonderful! Looking forward to more pics. xoxoxo

  2. Mom says:

    Loved the phone booth photo – you would! Glad you’ve found some good traveling companions….love you…

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