As I wake up each morning and check my Gmail account and my Blogroll, I also get a glimpse of the weather in all three places I’ve called “Home” in the last year (Westlake, West Lafayette, and Galway). It is more fun to compare the temperatures and weather conditions now that fall has arrived in the Midwest. On some days it is actually much warmer here than back in Ohio, but that is usually negated by the strong winds and abundance of rain.

Although it is nice that it is still so warm (around 60F), I do miss the traditional signs of fall. The leaves turning pretty colors and falling, the smells on a brisk walk to the BME building in the morning, and going to the Purdue football games and tailgates. But luckily here I have plenty of nature to make up for that, morning runs along the Galway Bay, the smells of the salt water …constantly, and the cheers from a near-by stadium (still need to go on an adventure to find out what sport they are playing!).


Galway Bay – less than a 1 mile run from my front door


Super sunny day (that doesn’t happen often) but it is still very windy, especially down by the water – hence the windbreakers on that random family

Mutton Light Famine Memorial

Memorial to those who left Ireland during the Great Famine. It is to the lighthouse (on a dock behind the rock), which would have been those people’s last sight of Ireland as the Coffin Ships sailed away toward America

I am enjoying my time here and the beautiful views, but there are a few stereotypical American “Fall” customs I’m missing while in Ireland!

1. Candycorn – I’m especially obsessed with the pumpkins

2. Canned Pumpkin – great for Pumpkin oatmeal, bread, cookies, pie…..!

3. Bonfires. I asked a classmate if they ever have bonfires, sit around, drink a few beers and just chill. Let’s just say I got some strange looks. I mean, I thought it was a fair question given their affinity for American country music….I guess they prefer the pub for its shelter from the rain, can’t really blame them!

4. October Break! – We don’t get a vacation weekend in early October as is accustom for many American Universities on the semester schedule. A few days off would be nice, we could plan a longer trip somewhere! But honestly I’ll miss coming home and seeing everyone (and celebrating a couple birthdays!).

Rumor has it that we have the Monday of Halloween off  – it is a bank holiday here, so there may be some truth in that. O what will I be?

Any suggestions for cheap/simple Halloween costumes? I’ve heard it is a multiple day affair here in Galway, with special pub deals!


About ewittenberg

Senior biomedical engineering student at Purdue University studying abroad this semester at the National University of Ireland -- Galway.
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1 Response to Fall!

  1. She She says:

    Just ate some candy corn … I’ll have a few more pieces for you!!!!! xoxoxox

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